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I’m jamie cassata

I’ve had my fair share of challenges in life, as we all have. I never met my father and was raised by my mom and grandma. A loving Italian-American family from Rochester, New York. From the early days of my childhood, words were a world of comfort and stimulation to me. Especially books. More than once I was caught smuggling The Shining into my grammar school classroom. But I didn’t care … school was boring. When I cared to go to school (which wasn’t often) I had to do something to pass the time.

Writing, too, was a passion of mine. At 10, I wrote a bio of Kurt Cobain–which I read to my family with pride. I also wrote a short novel. Dead Silence. Or was it Deadly Silence? I don’t remember which. It was written on yellow lined paper and met its doom in the dust of the basement.

After the lonely years of middle school and high school, I attended college. In my first year, my English professor wrote on a speech-writing paper of mine in red ink, “Whatever you do, write!” That short comment would have broad effects on my life.

I was always writing and was Editor of a student-led school newspaper. At SUNY Geneseo I studed philosophy. Solving the “big questions” became my overriding concern in life. I earned master’s degrees in theology and philosophy … then a full scholarship and stipend for a philosophy PhD program in Houston.

But then it happened … I discovered the dark side

I discovered direct response copywriting.

And everything changed. I left my philosophy PhD program and started a copywriting business. Some would say I betrayed the “love of wisdom” for the love of power. Or that I “fell from grace.”

And they’d be right.

The power of compelling a click … or a lead or sale … was intoxicating to me. I was used to writing obscure, logical screeds. Now, I was learning how to grab the emotions and sell.

I began studying Bob Bly, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and many other direct response copywriters to learn the craft. I invested in John Carlton’s Simple Writing System. I wrote content for Bob Bly. 

I’m now a direct response copywriter, helping clients across the country sell their products and services. I’m also a content creator and ghostwriter.

I’ve written direct response copy and content for clients in various industries…

But my true love is Health and Wellness. Because that’s what I’m about. Eating right. Gym every morning. Fasting. Challenging my brain. The whole nine yards.

The goal is a healthy 100 years. We’ll see how that goes.

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