As a copywriter for the Nutritional Supplement market, I’m a Certified Supplement Nutritionist and member of IDSA. Especially considering FDA and FTC regulations, it’s vital for a copywriter to understand the various complexities of this industry.

Here are some facts about IDSA from their website:

IDSA believes in the importance of confirming the knowledge of dietary supplement professionals so as to improve the overall quality of the profession, as well as service and safety to the public.


  • IDSA is supported by an Advisory Board of industry professionals and managed by an Executive Director. IDSA is not sponsored by or affiliated with any dietary supplement company or manufacturer.
  • It is important to note that IDSA did not create the body of knowledge needed for good dietary supplement advisement. IDSA identified what industry experts agreed were the needed standards.
  • IDSA’s development of the certification process gives full recognition to the diversity of dietary supplement professionals around the world, while also providing a unified set of standards for safe and competent practice.
  • The IDSA program focuses on certification and is a strong complement to other organizations’ existing training and education programs.
  • IDSA’s Industry Advisory Board includes members from around the world with varied backgrounds in dietary supplementation. IDSA is proud of the diversity of its Board Members as they provide unique perspectives and contributions toward the realization of the organization’s mission statement.