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Need a landing page, sales letter, email, or ad that converts like gangbusters and wins you more leads, more sales, and more vacations? That's my specialty (You'll be sipping a Tequila Sunrise on a faraway beach while your ad is doing the heavy lifting).


Need help with your own copywriting efforts? I can work with you to come up with a winning advertising piece ... taking the mystery and frustration out of the process (The result: No more "wondering what to write" -- the entire process will unfold magically before your eyes).

Copy Analysis

If you're anxious to figure out why your copy isn't working, I can show you what's going on and how to fix it quickly ... without the frustration of endlessly trying to figure it out yourself (Finally you'll learn the secrets advertising specialists have known for years, but kept close to the chest).

 Who I Am ... And How I Can Help You

Who I Am ... And How I Can Help You

"Whatever you do, write!" wrote the beautiful, blond English professor on a speech-writing paper of mine. That short comment would take on broad significance in my life.

10 Years of Academic Writing.
I studied philosophy at SUNY Geneseo. ("Philosophy? Really?") Yup, philosophy. If you want to know the practical purpose of philosophy, I can tell you: it taught me how to think. And I don't think there's a "transferable" skill around better than that. Truth be told, I scored higher than 98 percent of GRE test takers in Verbal Reasoning. I'm such a nerd.

As a perpetual student, I got two master's degrees -- in theology and in philosophy. And there was that 45-page research thesis I defended in the face of a hostile professor. The subject? Reconciling divine providence with human free will. You know, real Saturday night "fun stuff."

From Academic Writing to Commercial Writing
I began working as a writing consultant while in grad school and got published along the way. I thought I wanted to be a professor. Turns out I really wanted to be a professional writer. That little comment from my English professor all those years ago kept ringing through my head: "Whatever you do, write!"

I realized the possibility of freelance commercial writing as opposed to the "purist" route of academic or magazine writing—and learned to write as a copywriter.

I Knew How to Sell My Ideas. Now I Was Gonna Learn How to Sell Things with My Ideas.

My nearly 10 years of experience with research and argumentative papers in college helped prepare me for the researched persuasion I started to use in copywriting. And I studied some of the great copywriters in the world ... Bob Bly, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy. I transferred that writing power to a commercial purpose.

How I Can Help You
I help business owners like you run winning ads better than conventional "creative" copywriters and big-wig ad agencies can ... even if you know nothing about writing ads or advertising has never worked for you before. Not to mention, emails ... websites ... video sales letters ... press releases ... you name it.

In today's competitive business environment, you gotta have professional copywriting. But only a handful of copywriters and ad agencies know Direct Response principles that convince others to pick up a phone, fill out an inquiry form, or buy your product or service. That's where I can help you.

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