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From the author of The Copywriting Primer
and the man copywriting legend Bob Bly calls “a standout writer”

Do You Need a Direct Response Copywriter?

I use science-based strategies to get you results!

Dear Marketer:

     If you’re looking for a direct response copywriter that can get you results … then look no further.

     I get it: you need this project to succeed. You can’t rely on unproven strategies.

     So here are some of my results:

  • 10.45% Click Through Rate on a Facebook ad shown to cold traffic (compared to the 0.90% average reported by WordStream) at only 7 cents a click
  • 85% reduction in cost per lead
  • Nearly 300% higher conversion rate for a landing page
  • 2.3 thousand likes and hundreds of shares for a FB ad
  • 33% landing page conversion rate (compared to 2.35% average reported by WordStream)
  • 42% average email open rate (175% better than industry average reported by MailChimp)
  • 6.7% average email click rate (About 3 times higher than total average as reported by MailChimp)
  • Estimated $700,000 in revenue in the past year

    How do I get these results? I use strategies based on scientific research into customer buying processes (there’s a TON of research on the subject. You just have to tap into that research when you’re writing the copy!).

    I’ve written for many clients and brands, including:

     … and many more around the country.

     I’m a direct response copywriter who generates clicks, leads, and sales, but I also write high-quality content. Here are some of my services:

  • Landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • AdWords ads
  • Emails
  • Website copy
  • Content
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Copy critiques
  • Idea generation

     I’m your all-in-one solution!

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Why Choose Me?

      I’m a direct response copywriter who uses scientifically proven strategies to get results. Research in buying behaviors is more advanced than EVER before. I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade … depending on the findings of neuroscience, behavioral psych, and other disciplines … to write direct response copy that gets results.

      I’m a Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing through the American Marketing Association (Profiency in social media marketing … email marketing … Google Analytics … AdWords … WordPress … etc. No hand-holding or technological hangups).

      I have not only a bachelor’s degree but a master’s as well. I have a strong academic background and graduated with a 3.6 UGPA from SUNY Geneseo (New York’s Public Honors College).

      Are you a Nutritional Supplement marketer? I’m a Certified Supplement Nutritionist and am familiar with structure/function vs. disease claims, DSHEA, and FDA/FTC regulations.

       I respect deadlines (you’ll sleep soundly working with me)

      I research projects intensely (missing market research murders marketing)

      I can write all the copy for any project (including content and direct response copy)

      I play well with others (that means your staff writers and graphic designers, too. You have enough fires to put out already.)

      I’m hip to the hottest trends in marketing, direct response copywriting, and popular culture (so your marketing stays fresh without forgetting the fundamentals)

      I religiously read and study the veteran direct response copywriters … including Bob Bly, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy … and I’ve invested in copywriting courses such as John Carlton’s Simple Writing System and Scott Martin’s Aspen School of Copywriting (I even work for Bob Bly)

      I’m a direct response copywriter who get results (one Facebook ad hit 10.45% click through rate on cold traffic … I’ve gotten consistent leads for businesses … and I’ve driven hundreds of thousands in revenue in the last year)


Need copy now?

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Jamie Cassata
Direct Response Copywriter
Rochester, NY

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Highly Recommended by Bob Bly
“There’s a significant difference between a writer who can string some clever sentences together—and one who can write content strategically (with your audience in mind). Jamie Cassata is a standout writer. I highly recommend him.”

Bob Bly

author of 80+ books and named by McGraw-Hill, "America's Top Copywriter"

77 Conversions in 3 Weeks for a Highly Specialized Product
“77 conversions in about 3 weeks! One of his ads currently has the lowest cost-per-conversion among all the previous ads for this product. And these click through rates are through the roof! I just don’t find these kinds of numbers among ordinary copywriters. Jamie’s a talented, innovative ad writer who knows what he’s doing.”

Aaron Zakowski

Owner, Zammo Digital Marketing

Nearly 300% Higher Response!
“Jamie’s ad is getting us leads at 15% the cost per lead. And the leads keep coming in! His copy for our new landing page has resulted in a nearly 300% higher conversion rate! His copywriting is a great business investment.”

Will Deane

Owner, Workily

“Very easy to work with”
“Jamie was very easy to work with and helped boost impressions on our blog site…We look forward to working with him again!”

Kenneth Cutts, Jr.

Director of Marketing, Cardinal Stritch University

“Easily met deadlines” 
“Easily met deadlines along the way— delivering well before the deadline, in fact. We will certainly enlist his services again.”

Marla Kramer

Associate Director of Advancement Communications, Lycoming College

“I call on him again and again”
“I can always depend on Jamie to produce great copy, saving me time and energy. That’s why I call on him again and again.”

Deb Noack

Director of Communications, Sacred Heart University