What Do You Want Your Audience to Do?


Need to drive traffic or boost engagement? Using Compulsive Copy™ techniques, I'll guide their mouse to that button like a Ouija board (It's as though a magical force were compelling them to click!)


Need blog posts ... articles ... press releases ... social media posts ... or other content pieces? I have the "hooks" to reel in your target audience (They won't be able to stop themselves from reading through to the end!).


Need more leads and sales? As a direct response copywriter, I know how to make people act on your offer right away (possibly doubling or even tripling your conversion rates! as I did for the client featured below).

 My Story

My Story

Born in California and raised in Rochester, NY, I spent nearly 10 years writing in college between undergrad and my two master's programs -- and I was a writing tutor for two and a half years. Then I realized I probably should just write for a living, so I became a copywriter.

But I stayed a student, studying the greats -- Bob Bly, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy -- learning every trick in the book to compel audiences to click, read, or buy.

Only a handful of copywriters know Direct Response principles that convince others to pick up a phone, fill out an inquiry form, or buy your product or service. That's where I can help.

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