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Introducing the author of The Copywriting Primer
and the man copywriting legend Bob Bly calls “a standout writer”…

Which New “Hidden Weapon”
Do Some of the Top Copywriters
in the Direct Response Industry
Call On for Kickass Copy or Content?

He’s not hiding anymore! Direct response copywriter Jamie Cassata …
infamous for using controversial, science-based “Compulsive Copy” strategies … wants to give you a FREE gift…


Jamie Cassata
West of Rochester, New York
Tuesday, 3:21 p.m.
Tiger cat on my lap

Dear Friend,

     Hi, my name is Jamie Cassata, and I’m a freelance direct response copywriter who’s been used by some of the top direct response copywriters on the planet to write A+ copy and/or content.

     I’ve also worked with companies and agencies that need great marketing copy–and I’ve helped them make millions in revenue.

     Here are some of my results:

  • 10.45% Click Through Rate on a Facebook ad shown to cold traffic (compared to the 0.90% average reported by WordStream) at only 7 cents a click
  • 85% reduction in cost per lead
  • Nearly 300% higher conversion rate for a landing page
  • 2.3 thousand likes and hundreds of shares for a FB ad
  • 33% landing page conversion rate (compared to 2.35% average reported by WordStream)
  • 42% average email open rate (175% better than industry average reported by MailChimp)
  • 6.7% average email click rate (About 3 times higher than total average as reported by MailChimp)

    How do I get these results? I use strategies based on scientific research into customer buying processes (there’s a TON of research on the subject. You just have to tap into that research when you’re writing the copy!).

     But I wasn’t always into writing copy…

     I used to be an idealistic “academic” type.

     In fact, just a few years ago I was a master’s-level philosopher on a full scholarship (with stipend) in a philosophy PhD program in Houston, Texas. About three months into that writing-intensive program, I discovered the power of a different kind of writing… the kind that could actually sell my ideas and make money. And my whole outlook on life … my whole value system … changed right then and there.

     Some say I betrayed the “love of wisdom” for the love of cash.

     And I admit it…

…It wasn’t poison hemlock that killed Socrates; it was ME!

     I “fell from grace”… turning from the pursuit of the pure, unadulterated truth to the pursuit of psychological manipulations and magic.

     And I’m not ashamed.

     Since those days, I’ve written for many clients and brands, including:

     Here’s what I do:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales letters
  • Facebook ads
  • AdWords ads
  • Emails
  • Website copy
  • Content
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Copy critiques
  • Idea generation

     Click here to get in touch with me about a project.


Here’s Why You Should Choose to Get in Touch with Me Right Now…

In today’s competitive business environment, you gotta have professional copywriting. But only a handful of copywriters and ad agencies know direct response copywriting principles that can convince others to pick up a phone, fill out an inquiry form, or buy your product or service. That’s where I can help you.

Need to drive traffic or boost engagement? Using my Compulsive Copy™ system, I’ll draw their mouse pointer to that button like a Ouija board (It’s as though a magical force were compelling them to click!)

 Need more leads and sales? As a direct response copywriter, I know how to make people say “Yes” right away (possibly doubling or even tripling your conversion rates). 

 Who else wants an unfair advertising advantage … and up to 300 percent more leads and sales … every time you pick up your phone and call your “ad guy”?

 Need marketing copy that converts like gangbusters and wins you more leads, sales, and vacations? That’s my specialty (You’ll be sipping a Tequila Sunrise on a faraway beach while your ad is doing the heavy lifting).

 Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse! Research in buying behaviors is more advanced than EVER before. I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade … depending on the findings of neuroscience, behavioral psych, and other disciplines … and I write direct response copy that gets results.

Need help with your own copywriting efforts? I can work with you to come up with a winning advertising piece … taking the mystery and frustration out of the process (The result: No more “wondering what to write” — the entire process will unfold magically before your eyes!).

I help entrepreneurs and marketers like you run copy more effectively than conventional “creative” copywriters and big-wig ad agencies can … even if you know nothing about writing ads or pro copywriting has never worked for you before!

 With me, you’ll have someone who religiously reads and studies all the best direct response copywriters … including Bob Bly, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, and Dan Kennedy … and I’ve invested in copywriting courses such as John Carlton’s Simple Writing System and Scott Martin’s Aspen School of Copywriting (I even work with Bob Bly and top copywriter Tony Policci—brother of Piranha Marketing’s Joe Polish.)

 Best of all, I get results!


And now for that FREE gift I told you about…

     Now, I can’t do this for everyone, as my time is extremely limited, BUT you may qualify for a FREE copy critique from me on one piece of copy of your choosing … a Facebook ad, landing page, sales letter, whatever (a $600+ value!). At no obligation or risk to you!*

     If you’re anxious to figure out why your copy isn’t working, I can show you what’s going on and how to fix it quickly … without the frustration of endlessly trying to figure it out yourself (Time is money, my friend!).

     And before you spend money running an ad you’re unsure about, you can get a second opinion (and avoid potential financial disaster).

     But it’s first come, first served. So apply today!

     All you have to do to qualify for your FREE copy critique is fill out the form below. Or you can email me with (all) the requested information at JJC@JamieCassata.com.

     I’ll review your information and get back to you ASAP.



Jamie Cassata
Direct Response Copywriter
Rochester, NY

*P.S. There really is NO obligation or risk to you with this FREE Copy Critique (not even a phone call with a “salesman”). So why not take advantage of this opportunity for a Critique from a pro writer hired by some of the best in the industry (including Bob Bly)? At the very least, you’ll have a second (or third) opinion, compare notes, and get some ideas for your promotion. I mean, really, why not? You’re not forced to implement anything I say; it’s entirely your decision. So just do it. You’ll thank me later.


P.P.S. Fill out the form below right now and I’ll also send you my Special Report “5 Advanced (and Scientifically Proven) Strategies for Writing Copy That Sells” (a $17 value) and my e-newsletter–absolutely FREE!

Please fill out the form below or email me: JJC@JamieCassata.com. If you’d like to get in touch with me about a copywriting project, please also feel free to leave a voicemail: 585-353-7034.

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Highly Recommended by Bob Bly

“There’s a significant difference between a writer who can string some clever sentences together—and one who can write content strategically (with your audience in mind). Jamie Cassata is a standout writer. I highly recommend him.”

Bob Bly

author of 80+ books and named by McGraw-Hill, "America's Top Copywriter"

77 Conversions in 3 Weeks for a Highly Specialized Product

“77 conversions in about 3 weeks! One of his ads currently has the lowest cost-per-conversion among all the previous ads for this product. And these click through rates are through the roof! I just don’t find these kinds of numbers among ordinary copywriters. Jamie’s a talented, innovative ad writer who knows what he’s doing.”

Aaron Zakowski

Owner, Zammo Digital Marketing

Nearly 300% Higher Response!

“Jamie’s ad is getting us leads at 15% the cost per lead. And the leads keep coming in! His copy for our new landing page has resulted in a nearly 300% higher conversion rate! His copywriting is a great business investment.”

Will Deane

Owner, Workily

“Very easy to work with”

“Jamie was very easy to work with…We look forward to working with him again!”

Kenneth Cutts, Jr.

Director of Marketing, Cardinal Stritch University

“Easily met deadlines”

“Easily met deadlines along the way— delivering well before the deadline, in fact. We will certainly enlist his services again.”

Marla Kramer

Associate Director of Advancement Communications, Lycoming College

“I call on him again and again”

I can always depend on Jamie to produce great copy, saving me time and energy. That’s why I call on him again and again.”

Deb Noack

Director of Communications, Sacred Heart University

“I brought Jamie on to consult with us”

“I brought Jamie on to consult with us concerning our organization’s communications, and I’m relieved I did. What a difference an experienced professional writer makes in the marketing efforts of an organization.”

Alex Krajewski

Chapter Development Officer, Legatus