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My Facebook Ad Performed 8700% Better
Than a Major Marketing Firm!

Check out this 10.45% Click-Through Rate at only 7 cents a click
and a conversion rate hovering between 5% and 11%

Jamie Cassata Copywriter Consultant Rochester NY(click to enlarge and hit “back” to return)

Compare that to the average from Wordstream:

Jamie Cassata Copywriter Consultant Rochester NY

My ad performed 8700% better at only 14% the cost!

     My freelance copywriting services include …

…to sell your product or service

Landing Pages or Sales Letters
…to increase your conversion rates

Social Media Posts
…to engage your fans and build your list

Blog Posts
…to attract traffic with fresh, informative content

Press Releases
…to announce news regarding your business

Website Copy
…to enhance your web presence

…to describe the features and benefits of your product or service

Copy Analysis
…to assess and improve copy

and Custom Solutions
…for exactly what you need

 Serving Rochester, NY and beyond

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     My clients include …
















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     Here are some of my copywriting samples. Click the image to enlarge, and then click to zoom (double-click on mobile). Just hit “back” in your browser to return to this page.


Press Releases


Press Release - ESL - Jamie CassataSacred Heart University
African ESL Program


Kieran McGirl StorySacred Heart University
NESN’s Next Producer


Blog Posts


Cardinal Stritch University
Tips for Dealing with “College-Choosing” Stress


Cardinal Stritch - Improve my businessCardinal Stritch University
How Can Going Back to School Improve My Business?


Website Copy


SpexSpex Precision Machine Technologies


Petros-Investments-CopyPetros Investments


Social Media


maria catig profile fbUC Hastings College of the Law
UC Hastings Staff Who “Bring the Awesome” Profile




Engagement 1st Ad 5-26-16 - CopyFacebook Ad
Results with Engagement (5.22% Click-Through Rate)


split 8-19 cgggFacebook Ad
Results (10.45% Click-Through at 7 Cents a Click)


Magazine Articles


The Catholic Answer
Catholic Facebooking


The Catholic Answer
To Know God


Academic Writing

Master’s Thesis
Praedeterminata et Ordinata

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     Here’s what people are saying about me:

“Jamie was very easy to work with and I’m glad he was able to get up and running as soon as we had the accounting approval. His articles have helped boost our impressions on our blog site – – and we look forward to working with him again in the future!”
– Ken Cutts
Director of University Marketing
Cardinal Stritch University


“I have received some compliments on your recent article. Nice job.”
– Matthew Bunson
Senior Correspondent
Our Sunday Visitor


“Jamie was great to work with. He understood the assignments/topics we gave him for blog posts and provided us with easy-to-read, understandable, fun content. He has a great voice within his written work and needed minimal edits. Jamie worked well with me when these edits were given. While working with Jamie, the entire process was clean, simple and straight to the point.”
– Kat Wetherbee
Graphic Designer
Cardinal Stritch University


“Jamie Cassata did an excellent job of assisting me in preparing the copy for my website.  He helped make it clear and concise, instead of convoluted and verbose as it was previously.  He takes his training very seriously and is constantly reading and studying to keep his copywriting and overall business knowledge at the absolute apex.  I would highly recommend him for all your copywriting needs.  His copywriting is great.”
– Greg G.
Real Estate Investor
(St. Petersburg, FL)


“Great job on this! I will definitely be sending you more work.”
– Deb Noack
Director of Communications
Sacred Heart University


“This looks good. It appears that you have a good understanding of what Spex is!”
– Helen Lombardo
VP of Operations


“A good writer is able to convey a vivid picture of someone’s feelings – and you did just that!
I would like to thank you for the wonderful profile you wrote about me.  I feel so honored to be spotlighted by the best!
Overflowing with gratitude,
– Maria Catig
Accounts Receivable Accountant
UC Hastings College of the Law


“Solid writer”
-Alex Shapiro
Director of External Relations

UC Hastings College of the Law

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     Here are some questions you may have for me:



I charge by the project. The estimate will depend upon the complexity of the project, number of sources, amount of research, and value of the project.

Flat project fees make the most sense for both copywriter and client. Charging by the word doesn’t make sense in most cases, since one of the primary duties of a copywriter is to write concisely. So charging by the word leads to “fluff.” And charging by time doesn’t make sense because it rewards inefficiency. Plus, because freelance copywriters typically work off-site, there’s no realistic way of tracking their time.

In addition to offering flat project fees, I also offer retainer agreements for clients with large output who would like to save money.

Please fill out this form to receive a free estimate for your project.



Yes, I require a 50% upfront deposit before work begins, with the remaining 50% due upon delivery of approved copy. The half upfront deposit is a show of good faith between copywriter and client that leads to a more amicable business relationship.



Generally, you can expect to receive your copy within two weeks. Though I do offer rush delivery for an extra fee. It also depends on how booked I am at that particular time. 



Yes, two rounds of revision are included in the estimate. Additional revisions would incur an extra charge.



I may. Though part of my job is to get up to speed quickly with a particular industry. My background in research has prepared me for this. 

And often a company stands to benefit from a fresh “outsider” perspective. It can invigorate a company and help them connect better with their customers and clients.



I was born in California–raised in Rochester. I earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from SUNY Geneseo. 3.6 cumulative undergraduate GPA. If you want to know the practical purpose of philosophy, I can tell you: it taught me how to think. And I don’t know if there’s a transferable skill better than that. Truth be told, I scored higher than 98 percent of GRE test takers in Verbal Reasoning. Immodest but true (but see, modesty and marketing don’t jibe).

I went on to get two master’s degrees, in theology and in philosophy. And there was that 46-page research thesis I defended on the hot seat. The subject? Reconciling divine providence with human free will. In English and Latin. You know, real Saturday night “fun” stuff.

I began working as a writing consultant while in grad school and got published along the way. I thought I wanted to be a professor. Turns out I really wanted to be a professional writer. I saw how much I loved to persuade with the written word. A professor in college had written on one of my papers, “Whatever you do, write!” That always stayed in the back of my mind.

I realized the possibility of freelance commercial writing as opposed to the “purist” route. I studied many of the greats, including Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and Bob Bly–and learned to write as a copywriter. And so here I am, writing for companies who depend on great copy.



Although there are good freelance copywriters out there, many are “bargain-basement” writers churning out inferior-quality work for pennies. Many have “ad-agency-itis” and try to make the copy so clever they miss their audience entirely. Others are unreliable. Still others don’t understand salesmanship in print. They may be able to write in a journalistic fashion (articles and so forth), but they don’t understand “direct response” principles that compel people to click, read, and buy. 

In fact, few copywriters understand the basics of direct response: capturing and holding attention, igniting desire, creating urgency, asking for the order, and so on.

I’d invite you to check out some other freelance copywriters and look closely at their sales ability. How do they sell you on their services?

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Jamie Cassata
Copywriter / Consultant
Rochester, NY
Phone: 585-353-7034