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From the author of The Copywriting Primer
and the man copywriting legend Bob Bly calls “a standout writer”…

Are You Looking for a Writer Who Gets Results?

I’ve helped companies make millions in revenue. Here are some of my results:

  • 154 leads for a marketing company in just 2 weeks
  • 10.45% click through rate on a Facebook ad to cold traffic (only 7 cents a click) for an internet marketing product
  • 85% reduction in cost per lead for a BPO company
  • Nearly 300% higher conversion rate for a landing page in the insurance space
  • 3 thousand likes and hundreds of shares of a Facebook ad for a non-profit
  • 33% landing page conversion rate (compared to 2.35% average reported by WordStream)
  • 42% average email open rate (The average for all marketers is just 22%, according to GetResponse)
  • 7% average email click rate (Nearly 100% higher than the average for all marketers, according to GetResponse)

Direct Response Copywriter Jamie Cassata

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I’ve worked with many clients and brands across the country, including…

“Jamie Cassata is a standout writer”

“There’s a significant difference between a writer who can string some clever sentences together—and one who can write content strategically (with your audience in mind). Jamie Cassata is a standout writer. I highly recommend him.”

Bob Bly

Legendary Copywriter, Author of 90+ Books

77 Conversions in 3 Weeks for a Highly Specialized Product

“77 conversions in about 3 weeks! One of his ads currently has the lowest cost-per-conversion among all the previous ads for this product. And these click through rates are through the roof! I just don’t find these kinds of numbers among ordinary copywriters. Jamie’s a talented, innovative ad writer who knows what he’s doing.”

Aaron Zakowski

Owner, Zammo Digital Marketing

“Reliable…Book him.”

“If Jamie says it’s gonna be in your inbox by Friday, it’s gonna be in your inbox by Friday. He’s reliable, and he ‘gets’ health and wellness copy. Book him.”

Charles C. Weller

Founder/CEO, Ground-Based Nutrition

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I’m a direct response copywriter who uses proven direct marketing strategies to get results.

I’m not a branding copywriter. At least not often.

That’s because I believe in generating tangible, immediate results — and I like knowing when my copy worked (or didn’t).

I also believe in the utmost professionalism and flake-free service. That means doing what I say I’m going to do–when I say I’m going to do it.


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