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Looking for a Direct Response Copywriter Who Gets Results?

Here are some of my results:

  • Wrote one of the longest-running current controls in the health and wellness space
  • 10.45% click through rate on a Facebook ad for an info product (to cold traffic. Only 7 cents a click)
  • 154 leads for a high-ticket continuity program in just 2 weeks
  • Improved conversion rate by 300% (landing page) 
  • A recent email campaign resulted in 70.6% open rate (The average for all marketers is just 23.67%, according to GetResponse)
  • A recent email click rate of 44.3% (The average for all marketers is just 3.83%, according to GetResponse)

If you’re looking for copy that gets clicks, conversions, and customers, email me now for a free consultation: JJC@JamieCassata.com.

I’ve written copy for many brands across the country, including…

I’m a direct response copywriter who uses proven, time-tested techniques to generate immediate response from your readers. Opens, clicks, and conversions.

If you need a copywriter who knows how to persuade readers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey … from “never heard of the product/service” … to lead … to customer and repeat customer … then contact me.

I specialize in copywriting that generates direct response.

I can also write copy that informs the reader about your offerings in a clear, concise, compelling way–whether your intent is to sell, to appeal to shareholders or investors, or to explain a complex subject in language your reader can understand.

Here are some testimonials from clients…

“Jamie Cassata is a standout writer”

“There’s a significant difference between a writer who can string some clever sentences together—and one who can write content strategically (with your audience in mind). Jamie Cassata is a standout writer. I highly recommend him.”

Bob Bly

Legendary copywriter, author of 90+ books

“Reliable…Book him.”

“If Jamie says it’s gonna be in your inbox by Friday, it’s gonna be in your inbox by Friday. He’s reliable, and he ‘gets’ health and wellness copy. Book him.”

Charles C. Weller

Founder/CEO, Ground-Based Nutrition

77 Conversions in 3 Weeks for a Highly Specialized Product

“77 conversions in about 3 weeks! One of his ads currently has the lowest cost-per-conversion among all the previous ads for this product. And these click through rates are through the roof! I just don’t find these kinds of numbers among ordinary copywriters. Jamie’s a talented, innovative ad writer who knows what he’s doing.”

Aaron Zakowski

Owner, Zammo Digital Marketing

“Nearly 300% higher conversion rate!”

“Jamie’s ad is getting us leads at 15% the cost per lead. And the leads keep coming in! His copy for our new landing page has resulted in a nearly 300% higher conversion rate! His copywriting is a great business investment.”

Will Deane

Owner, Workily

Creative Ideas. Awesome Copy.

“Jamie goes above and beyond to make sure the client is 100% satisfied with the project. He generates creative ideas to solve problems and produces awesome copy.”

Brandon Keel

Creative Director, Adaptive Health

“I call on him again and again”

“I can always depend on Jamie to produce great copy, saving me time and energy. That’s why I call on him again and again.”

Deb Noack

Communications Director, Sacred Heart University

“Jamie’s a breeze to work with”

“Jamie’s a breeze to work with and delivered the project on time. Plus he understands the customer psychology involved in positioning a promotion, which can be confusing and counter-intuitive.”

Mark Lauren

Bestselling author, elite special forces trainer


“I was delighted by how quickly I received incredible BIG IDEA email copy from Jamie. Even with the topic blindness that comes from being your own copywriter, I was excited to read each part of the sequence. He took the time to understand the market, my own passion for it, and enrapturing details that have long fascinated its biggest fans. Highly recommended! ”

Dr. Anthony Metivier

World-leading memory trainer, best-selling author & founder of the Magnetic Memory Method

Won’t Rip You Off or Blow a Deadline

“Jamie’s a reliable copywriter you can positively know isn’t going to rip you off or miss a deadline. And that’s huge.”

Vadim Mordovin

CEO, Co-Founder, 1Up Nutrition

Here are some of my services...


Landing pages

Landing pages are absolutely critical for communicating a complete, compelling sales story about why your readers should give you their email address or purchase your product or service. You need a direct response copywriter who can make your readers desire the offer and compel them to act now.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be targeted to probable purchasers who have never heard of your brand—or retargeted to those who visited your site or landing page but didn't convert. You need a direct response copywriter who can capture the attention of preoccupied Facebookers.

Google ads

Google ads are paid search ads that attract those searching for terms related to your product or service. You need a direct response copywriter who can write expertly crafted ads that target your ideal customer and grab their attention.

Website copy

Copy for websites is like an online brochure. If you have a lot of information to share about your offerings, you need a copywriter who can present that information in an accessible way. Good website copy persuades them to travel further along the buyer journey.


Email marketing is routinely responsible for the highest ROI among marketers. A good opt-in e-newsletter warms up your audience and enables you to build trust. A good direct response copywriter will be able to translate that trust into transactions.



Books and articles build your authority on the web and beyond. But these are highly time-intensive. You're best off utilizing a great copywriter who can understand your audience and write in your unique voice.


Copy critiques

Let's face it. Copywriting's tough. And you can't ever be 100 percent sure a piece of copy will produce your intended results. Having a good direct response copywriter look over your work and provide feedback and correction can be exactly what you need to put the odds squarely in your favor.


An advertorial is an ad that looks like an article (advertisement + editorial = advertorial). These warm up readers before transitioning to direct selling. A good direct response copywriter can educate the reader while carefully moving toward the opt-in or sale.


Sometimes you really need solutions and creative ideas. When it comes to what it takes to make campaigns successful, there are so many moving parts that it's often essential to seek an outside perspective from someone who gets direct marketing.

Video scripts

With modern attention spans as short as they are, a good video sales letter (VSL) can appeal to those who are reading-averse. This will make your message accessible to a broader audience and improve your conversion rate. 

Press releases

Not typically a direct response tool--but they get the word out about your product or service and can help with SEO (search engine optimization). For a good press release you need someone who can write logically.


Blog posts

Great content builds familiarity, authority, and trust. Not to mention it earns the attention of your target audience by offering free value up front. But your content needs to be quality.

10 Reasons Why Marketers Choose Me for Their Projects

1. I can write copy that generates immediate action. Open this email … click this ad … buy this product/service. Most copywriters, while good at what they do, are branding copywriters. They don’t necessarily understand the mechanics of getting a reader to take a specific action immediately. I do. That’s my specialty.

2. I understand customer psychology. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or non-profit, your copywriter has to understand the factors that make people buy. Rule #1: Your prospect’s attention is limited. Thou shalt not BORE your reader.

3. I have never missed a professional deadline. And I don’t intend to start now. You can rest easy that you’ll see that email from “Jamie Cassata, Direct Response Copywriter” by the deadline. That way, your campaign stays on track and you don’t have to worry.

4. I can write diverse project types, for diverse industries and markets. I adapt my voice to the needs of the campaign, so it hits the bulls-eye. 

5. I “get” direct response copywriting and direct marketing. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars learning time-tested methods from the best copywriters of all time–such as John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and Bob Bly (I’ve actually written content for Bob Bly, and he gave me a testimonial, which you can see above). 

6. I’m a copywriter AND a digital marketer. I analyze the broader factors that make campaigns successful.

7. I understand the technology involved and use it myself. MailChimp … WordPress … ClickFunnels … Google Analytics … you name it.

8. I have a strong grasp of statistics. I can help you with testing and assessing results.

9. I work remotely. I’m in Rochester, New York and work with clients across the world.

10. I provide the FLEXIBILITY you need in a copywriter. Call me when you need me, and don’t when you don’t.

If you’re serious about optimizing your conversion and increasing your revenue, email me at JJC@JamieCassata.com for a free consultation.

About Me

I had a tutoring biz in college and was having a hard time getting more customers. 

And I took a ton of time learning how to write killer copy for my marketing.

Well, I took to the copywriting so much I dropped the tutoring and became a freelance copywriter … writing for biz owners and marketers who need more clicks, conversions, and customers. 

And best of all, their copy gets DONE (no more hassles or headaches trying to write it themselves).

I’ve helped clients generate millions of dollars from their campaigns, especially online. Get in touch with me below or at JJC@JamieCassata.com for a free consultation.

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