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In his book Human Universals, anthropologist Donald Brown detailed hundreds of behaviors he found universal to all humans–in all cultures and societies. These are important to recognize when you’re a direct response copywriter.

For example…

  • music
  • mythology
  • cooperation
  • dream interpretation
  • rituals
  • fear of death
  • thumb sucking

And many more. 

One of these universals, found in every culture, is magic. For instance, magic to increase or sustain life, or magic to win love.

I believe that marketers don’t capitalize on this fact nearly enough.

Marketers ought to be magicians.

The belief that our prospects always operate on a basis of rational thinking is an extremely dangerous assumption.

Granted, extremely analytical types are out there who engage in extremely analytical buying processes; but more often than not, purchases are emotional and are merely justified with reason. This is true even in B2B, where buyers tend to choose merchants they like.

All great marketing ideas are really founded on some kind of magical appeal. 

Oh, you sell clothing to schoolchildren? Well, you shouldn’t be. You should be selling the chance to Look Great and Be Popular. 

See that difference? Cuz it’s a huuuge one.

With the wave of your magic wand, you’re enabling a 13 year old to transform from unpopular to popular … overnight.

Are you in the higher education business?

Well, you shouldn’t be in that business. You should be in the Future business. By providing a college education, you’re selling them the chance to Do What They Love for the next 40 years on this earth. Or at least the chance to Receive a Healthy Paycheck and Support a Family the Rest of Their Lives.

A lot more EXCITING than just “college,” isn’t it?

Do you sell nutritional supplements? Of course, you’re really selling the opportunity for More Life … A Better, Healthier, Longer Life. You’re selling, perhaps, Bliss. Perhaps Eternal Youth.

As a marketer, you have the opportunity to be a magician…

…to stop selling products and services … and to begin selling Dreams.

How well are you tapping into that? How effectively are you marketing to thatpart of your prospect? The emotional side. The dreamer. The part that yearns for a transformation … for more love, more peace, more life.